Saturday, December 03, 2005

I'm finally done!

I've finally finished my assignment for this week!

Week 10 Final

This supposed to be a cartoony strut. As far as strutting is concerned, I think I've failed. It doesn't look like the strut I wanted. I filmed some video reference, but it was awful and useless since I did it with my web cam. Who'd like to buy me a camcorder for x-mas? :D

As far as a personality walk in general, I think I succeeded. It's MUCH different from the vanilla walk and I was able to achieve some great squash and stretch as well as timing and spacing. I found out that it's ok to use the break tangents button on all of the curves and have been free ever since. I'm finally able to control the GE and to understand why things aren't working. I'm able to successfully adjust the spacing between each key and achieve some nice, varied timing.

On Wed. I showed my mentor the first step in the walk and he liked it. I told him it wasn't what I wanted and he said I'm being too hard on myself and that he thinks I should continue with what I have. I followed his advice and this is what I ended up with. I like it to a certain extent, although I'd like it even more if it was exactly what I had in mind at the beginning.

Now I can finally play my new Prince of Persia video game!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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