Monday, October 10, 2005

Week 4

I've started planning out my animation for this week's assignment. We're supposed to do two bouncing balls and show that one is heavier than the other. Rather than doing something simple like my last project, I plan on giving the balls some character. Here's my storyboard and some thumbnail sketches of what I'm doing so far (sorry for the obnoxious grey/black shadows on the sides, they seem to go hand in hand with scanning stuff from a sketchbook.):

I'm really looking forward to starting this assignment. Bobby "Boom" Beck presented a video on how he would go about making a bouncing ball. It was awesome! I learned a faster/easier way to make good contact points in the graph editor. I also learned how to manipulate the curves in new ways. It was really great! Not to mention the wonderful animation at the end! Carlos' class on timing was very helpful as well. I learned a better definition for the term breakdown and as a result understand it better. I also learned a new method of doing the bouncing ball which I can't wait to try out!

Things are starting to get moving and from what I can tell, I'm going to LOVE this program!

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