Thursday, October 06, 2005

Our First Animation

Phew! I was finally able to work on this week's animation. My motion studies project has been keeping me pretty busy! In fact, I plan on spending all of tomorrow and most of Saturday working on it. Hopefully it'll be done by then so I can work on my other assignments. Anyway, here's my attempt at this week's project. I don't really like it since we can't use squash and stretch. The animation looks strange and unfinished as the result, but I know there's a good reason for not being able to use it.

Please feel free to critique the animation!

Week 3 Bouncing Ball

I just finished rendering my excitement pose for Stu. This part of the assignment was quite challenging since all of my gestures showed happiness more so than excitement. I wanted to avoid the whole "jumping into the air with waving arms" pose which made the project even harder. Any comments on how to make Stu seem more excited are greatly appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

I thought I'd leave a comment. I saw your new animation and it looks good to me! Well, this coming from a non-animator. Keep up the good work!
-Old pal Shuzer