Sunday, November 01, 2009

This Past Week's Drawings

Hey guys,

I have some drawings to show from the past week or so from work and my trip to the equestrian center. I really enjoyed drawing horses last week and would love to go to the zoo to draw the animals there. I just need to tear myself away from my new PS3 and BlazBlue long enough to do so, lol.

In other news, my fellow TDA's and I finished our first production assignment earlier this week! All of our mentors and the directors really liked everyone's animation which was awesome. It was great having my work reviewed and approved by a director. Lol, I felt like a "real animator" as everyone clapped upon the director's approval of our work. The project will be online within the next month or so and I will definitely post a link to where it can be "viewed" once it's been released. =D

30 sec to 1 min gestures from Disney's Improv Gesture Drawing sessions:

Horse Studies and Gestures from last Sunday's trip to the LA Equestrian Center:

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Long N. said...

Congrat's on your director's approval.