Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Oh yay, it's Valentines Day. V-day is such a waste of time, you don't need a specific day to show someone you care. I could go on a rant about how bitter I am, but that's not what this blog is for.

I've been very busy animation wise. I've done some blocking for my new assignment. Here's what I submitted last week:

Post to Post Blocking

In my Animation 1 class we did I walk last week. I don't like mine at all. I know it could have been much better if I didn't draw so ridiculously slow. :( I'm not going to bother uploading it since I don't like it. Our next assignment is to do an emotional sack exercise. I wanted to do a sequence about the flour sack coming in, going to sleep and being awakened by a nightmare. Once he realizes that its ok, he would go back to sleep. Sadly, my idea is turning out to be more complicated than I have time for. Or more complicated than I am able to do in one week because of my outrageously slow drawing skills. It's REALLY aggravating. I think being on the computer is taking away my drawing abilities. I've heard of that happening to the pros who used to draw a lot, and don't wish to suffer the same fate.

To try to remedy this, I've registered for Life Drawing II for my spring quarter at SCAD. That way I'll have to draw from life for class as well as attend the open model sessions every weekend. :D Hopefully that'll work. In the mean time I'm trying to draw more often in my sketchbook. Doing stuff in 3d and drawing simple thumbnails has really made me lazy >_<.

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