Friday, February 17, 2006

Emotional Sack

Hey everyone! I finished adjusting the timing and started refining my emotional sack assignment today. According to my blocking, the whole sequence will be about 500 frames, making it the longest animation I've ever done. Most of it will be holds and loops though, otherwise there'd be no way I would be able to finish it by Wed. If only I could draw faster :(, oh well.

I like how the animation is coming along so far. I need to fix the seam on the last bounce since it's going the wrong way. I also think the sack should look away from us slower to increase the contrast between him looking away and then suddenly looking back at us. So far I've done about 57 drawings out of 234. I think I'm making good time. ^-^ Here's the file:

WIP Emotional Sack

Sorry about the flashing in the beginning. The camera was acting weird and got darker and lighter by itself.

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