Monday, May 26, 2014

Badgers and Bears!

I'd like to do some Welcome to Nightvale fan art and decided to depict the characters based on animals typically found in desert places like Arizona (since Nightvale seems to be somewhere in the US). I imagined Cecil as a badger and Carlos as a black bear. Before trying to design either of them it would help to learn how to draw their respective animals, lol.

I like the direction that the top right drawing on the second page is headed in. I want their designs to remain animalistic enough so that walking/running as quadrupeds would be believable and plausible. I'm also unsure of how much clothing I want them to wear. At first I was thinking of a Blacksad level of characterization, but after looking at some pages from the comic I decided that would be too close to the human side of things.

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