Saturday, March 01, 2014

Painting Update

I took another look at my painting today and decided that there were things I could do after all, lol. I noticed that me edges were very messy and that other people's paintings always seem to have clear edges around their figures, props, etc. So I re-watched some of the masking lessons from the Magic Box and took another stab at my piece. I think it's already looking much better! The line art is back because I flattened everything before creating the masks. Once everything's been painter over/touched up the lines will be gone. I still need to create her necklace too. Originally I wanted a super simple, stylized background but its looking like that's not going to cut it based on how nicely the foreground is coming together. The figures behind her should still be ambiguous but more fleshed out than they are now. I should also probably work on adding more of an indication of the environment too. Lol, as usual this is becoming much more complex than originally planned for.

Things to do tomorrow
Clean up the band and brim of the hat
Mask off and clean up the face
Take a pass at her hair

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