Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Painting

I'm working on a new painting! There's a cool group for artists on Facebook which treats your artistic improvement like an RPG. The concept sounded fun so I decided to join. This will be for my level 1 character sheet. Here's a look at the sketch and what I have so far in the painting process.

I want to do four color comps before working on the final image. According to Chris Oatley over at the Magic Box, color comps are like practicing for your painting. You get to explore various color schemes and pick the one you like the best rather than just painting your initial idea. All four of mine will have similar lighting, as I want it to feel like the creature is in murky water, but the colors will vary on each one. Once this is done, I have plans to work on the initial stages of a new 2d test! I want to improve my 2d animation skills as well as my painting abilities as part of my participation in this group.

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