Thursday, October 31, 2013

Magic Box Assignment

Hey guys,
I just finished the first part of the third Magic Box assignment. We were supposed to use the lasso tool to make random shapes, fill it in with black, make it a mask, and then turn the silhouette into a creature. He didn't want us to simply draw a creature since people tend to draw what they know, are familiar with, or some variation on something that can already draw well. Whereas this method would force us to come up with something new. It was really challenging to do this without drawing something first. Lol, I started over three times before settling on this shape. It was hard not to try to for the silhouette into something too early on. Part 2 will involve taking our exploration image and developing it into an actual character/creature. =D

I'm enjoying alternating between animating and painting. The question now is should I proceed to part 2 or pause to do some animation? Hmmmm...

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