Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lots of Life Drawings

Hey guys,
I have a bunch of new life drawings to post. I went to the weekly model session at the Nucleus last night. It was fantastic to draw from a live model rather than photographs. I think I got some nice drawings out of the session and hope I can go again. I just wish traffic in LA wasn't so horrible. It's pretty impossible to get from work to the Nucleus by 7 if I leave at 6.

I also went to the zoo today and left with some bird drawings. I haven't spent much time drawing birds and really enjoyed doing so today. I made friends with the HUGE Andean Condor. He spent most of the time preening but at one point he came right up to the fence and watched me draw. He stayed there until some fool came by and made kissy noises at him. I'm always amused by the fools who show up at the zoo. While at the tortoise exhibit, some zoo keepers stopped by with a bucket of mulch. A guy who was watching the tortoises noticed them and blurted out "They eat dirt?!". That's really sad. >_>

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