Monday, September 06, 2010

Character Development

Hey guys,
I'm working on developing the leader of DaeDae's gang for use with my friend's Pompfiction characters. He's supposed to be misleadingly old and frail, but that isn't coming across in this drawing. I also want all the members (except for LaQuandae) to sport dreadlocks. Something about the dreads will determine the rank within the gang. I haven't decided if its the length, decorations, coloring or some combination of the two.


Anonymous said...

Have you not been working on any more animation tests? I'd like to see some of those.

Jocelyn Cofer said...

Hey there,
I'm still animating, lol. I just cant show any of it until their respective films have been released. I've also been working on a 2d test in the little free time that I have. I'm in crunch time on Yogi right now, so my weekends are spent at work.