Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I don't have a computer at home! =( My laptop must have gotten mad that I decided to stop using it for an hour to play FFXIII on Saturday, because when I went to turn it back on the display had stopped working. The people at the Apple store said it sounds like my screen just needs to be replaced and that it shouldn't take long to repair. It's day 3 without my computer and I'm already feeling deprived.

There is a positive side to this though. My lack of a computer is giving me more time to play with my new cat, Jubilee (previously known as Helen of Troy). I adopted her on Friday and couldn't be happier! She's so adorable and playful. I'll post some pictures of her once my computer returns to me. I also have some How to Train Your Dragon fanart to post and a look at my wip Rabbit walk cycle.

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