Sunday, September 20, 2009

A New Day

Hey guys,

I just wanted to happily announce that I've quit playing Wow. My account's been canceled for the past few weeks and I just deleted the game and all of its related files/folders from my computer. I didn't bring any of my consoles with me to Burbank and I'm not sure I trust the mail enough to have them shipped here, so tomorrow will be the first day of my video game free life.

Tomorrow's also important because I'll gt my first assignment at Disney. I wont be using any of the Rapunzel characters yet so I'll ask if I'll be allowed to post the progress of my tests here. If so, you guys can expect to see some poses and walk cycles in the not too distant future. If not, no worries either since I would really like to do some 2d animation in my free time and will post that here once I start. I want to have a decent amount of good 2d animation to show the guys at Disney in the hopes that they'll let me work on their next 2d film once Rapunzel's finished.

Besides, how can I be at Disney and not do some 2d?


Adam Knight said...

oooooh, Rapunzel would be sweet to see! As well as any 2d stuff. Do you have any idea what your first assignment will be?

Jocelyn Cofer said...

Hey Adam,

My first assignment is to do a few poses and then a walk cycle. Lol, I have 4-5 poses due tomorrow by noon and then a walk due by the end of the day. It's great to be working again! I just wish I had driven to work today so I could have stayed later. I don't know how safe it would be to walk home around 9 or 10pm, lol.

Hannah O'Neal said...

Wonderful! I'd love to see some of the work you'll be doing at Disney. You lucky dog, you. Though I'm sure it had nothing to do with luck ;) And I'm really excited to hear that you'll be possibly showing some 2D stuff! How's California by the way? I've pondering about moving out there. How's it for you?