Monday, March 30, 2009

WIP Blocking and Sample Lighting

Hey everyone,

Here's my blocking pass so far for my new shot. I'm still not sure if I'm over animating. This is my first really subtle shot, so I'm pretty unsure of myself. I'm not sure about the eye darts in the beginning. I think there are too many of them. He's supposed to be thinking something along the lines of "I dont know...I dont know" and feeling pretty lost. In phrase 1 ("You know, everyone's just out for himself") he's supposed to be troubled/concerned. My prof. suggested having his brows a little angry and intense here and then softening them up as the shot progresses. In phrase 2 ("It was like that everywhere I went") the main emotion is disbelief and the finally hopelessness at the end.

Oh, the 3d blocking is different from the 2d version now. My prof. gave me some awesome feedback today which caused the scene to vary somewhat from the original 2d idea.

I also did a quick test render for my prof. We have a specific mood in mind for the scene and this is what I imagined it would look like. My prof. used the spot lighting in Alice in Wonderland as an example. I went with that idea and made the background really dark while spot lighting the character. Obviously the lighting still needs a lot of work. I have no idea why there are ugly dark shadows under Norman's brows. I think I know how to fix the glowing floor though.

Oh, I heard back about using Bishop on my business card. It's a no go just as I thought it would be since the card is for a SCAD assignment. It's not a problem though because I dont want to use Bishop anymore anyway. Yesterday I came up with a 2d design that I like much better and feel like is more creative than a simple 3d pose. =D

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