Sunday, November 09, 2008

It's Done!

There are still a few tweaks that I would like to make, but I really need to move on. I'm really happy with the scene regardless though. =D


Nacho said...

Are you gonna to clean this scene in Photoshop ? and put full color on it?
Do you get the job in Blizzard ?

Jocelyn Cofer said...

No, I don't have time to do all of that unfortunately. I have another scene due next week along with an anthropology paper. Once that's done, I'll have to start animating my senior film.

I haven't heard back from Blizzard yet. They said they're going to show my reel to the cinematic team once they're finished visiting other schools. The Blizzard website says they'll be out until mid December, so I'm not expecting to hear back from them before then.

Pochat said...

Hi Jocelyn!

This is looking great, I didn't know you did Classical Animation as well, you are awesome!

Jocelyn Cofer said...

Thanks a bunch Mario! Yeah, I really enjoy doing 2d animation. That's all I did prior to AM. =D

I've been working in 2d for over a year now though and I'm starting to miss 3d, lol. This happens whenever I work in either medium for a long time.