Monday, December 17, 2007

It's Coming

The moment of truth approaches...I'll find out the results for Disney's Talent Development Program reel review either tomorrow or Wednesday. I have to drive my grandmother to and from court tomorrow and I have to take my other grandmother to the eye doctor on Wednesday, but you can believe I will be checking my email every hour that I'm home until I hear something!

In other news, I'm not expecting to get very much if anything done on my Rosco shot at all this week. I have nine coloring book pages due by noon on Thursday and everyday this week has been/will be spent driving people around and/or doing menial tasks for them. It's pretty annoying how I was badgered and fussed at about getting a job and now that I finally have a project, no one will leave me alone long enough to get it done. I could see if I wanted just wanted to have fun with my friends all day, but it's quite the opposite. I haven't hung out with them at all since I've been back in November.

I just want to be able to sit and do my work for at least eight uninterrupted hours a day, just like the wonderful people who get to go to work all day. Is that too much to ask for? :\


Rajesh Gupta said...

Hey Cofer,
I am also a student of AM and have completed second semester in September 2007. Now, I am on leave so that I can prepare myself for the third semester.
I have a look into your last post and honestly I am now fan of your animations. I got lots of animations steps from your works to follow and proud that you are my senior as you are graduate from AM.
Keep it up Man!

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