Thursday, November 29, 2007


I just realized I had posted my last two entries in my AM gallery blog instead of this one. Sorry about that. Here's what the first one said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I realized Taylor's mouth is glowing yesterday when I watched the new rendered version of my shot. I won't be home most of today so I'm not sure if I'll be able to fix it right now. I'll try to get to it tonight though, cause I think it's glaringly obvious. Other than that I like how the final gather version turned out. The previous GI version was way too dark, plus it made Taylor's skin look like plastic. I'm sure there's a way to fix that but I don't know anything about lighting, and textures/shaders.

Once that's done, I'll cut together a new version of my demo reel to include the rendered shot instead of the playblast. After that, I can finally resume animating. I want to finish the shot I started at SCAD with my bear rig that I created and then resume working on my short film.

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