Sunday, July 15, 2007


After a total of about 14 hours I've finally come to a stopping point on my painting. I've learned a TON about digital painting and painting period. I eagerly await the next time I get a chance to paint again. Lol, in fact I think I just found a new hobby. I still want to be able to render fur much more believably so I think my next exercise should be a painting from life. I'll find a picture of a paw or something and try to paint that. I think I'll learn a lot about rendering fur and more about the flow of fur over the animal's body. As far as this picture goes, I think some parts are more successful than others. I really like how I rendered his tongue and feel like that's the best part of the image. I think the weakest part (aside from the lack of background) is the gold earrings. I still suck at rendering metal. That's enough of that though. On to bed and then to animating in the morning! =D

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Marcus said...

Hey Jocelyn,

I was an AM student too (finished 2 terms and am on break now) and have been checking out your blog for a bit. Just wanted to say that your painting is pretty cool.

You might want to check out Don Seegmiller's digital painting book. He's amazing and he goes over topics like fur.

See ya,